Simplest Auditable for Laravel Eloquent/Model.

Moamen Eltouny (Raggi)
PHP Version : >= 7.2 Laravel Version : >= 6.0 License Support
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Install the latest version using Composer

composer require pharaonic/laravel-auditable

Create auditable columns on the table

Just add one of this lines to your Migration file.

// created_by, created_at
// updated_by, updated_at

// created_by, created_at
// updated_by, updated_at
// deleted_by, deleted_at


Including Auditable in the model (with/without SoftDeletes).

namespace App\Models;

use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Model;
use Pharaonic\Laravel\Audits\Auditable;

class Article extends Model
    use Auditable;

How To Use

Getting created_by, updated_by and delelted_by Object (user).

// Creating
$article = Article::create(['title' => 'Moamen Eltouny']);
echo $article->created_at->isoFormat('LLLL');
echo $article->created_by->name;

// Updating
$article = Article::first();
echo $article->updated_at->isoFormat('LLLL');
echo $article->updated_by->name;

// Deleting (ONLY WITH SoftDeletes)
$article = Article::withTrashed()->first();
echo $article->deleted_at->isoFormat('LLLL');
echo $article->deleted_at->name;